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A social and political activist, Ashton P. Woods has focused on a range of issues including fighting for the homeless community, advocating for affordable housing, holding law enforcement and public officials accountable to the citizens of Houston, and ending violence against people of color. He has stood in solidarity with the immigrant community, championed against the formation of detention centers in Houston and has always been a fearless advocate for the LGBTQIA community. When he isn’t organizing, Ashton serves as Co-chair for the Black Humanist Alliance, a coalition of secular activists under the American Humanist Association. Ashton has been a speaker at numerous High Schools and College Campuses. He is a facilitator and presenter at multiple national convenings, representing Houston wherever he travels.

Deanna Adams is a multifaceted Black atheist woman active in the community. After going through deconversion by leaving an abusive marriage and the church, Deanna Adams created the blog “Musings on a Limb,” where she expressed her views on subjects related to the intersectionality of racism and skepticism. Within the atheist community, Deanna has served as a former board member of Houston Black Nonbelievers and the Humanists of Houston. During her role as Social Justice Liaison for Humanists of Houston, Deanna brought self-defense classes to marginalized groups, and supported local activism. Her humanism led her to social activism and mutual aid organizing, culminating in her involvement with Black Lives Matter Houston and West Street Recovery, formed after the devastation of Hurricane Harvey.

Brandon Mack is a community activist and sociologist dedicated to issues related to the intersections of race, gender, and sexual orientation. He has conducted research on effemiphobia, the negativity related to effeminate gay men. His work has been featured in a GLAAD Media Award winning article and he has presented his work at national conferences such as the National LGBTQ Task Force: Creating Change and NBJC's Out on the Hill. Brandon serves as Co-Chapter Director of New Leaders Council - Houston and the Screening Committee and Education and Advocacy Chair of the Houston GLBT Political Caucus. He is also the Research Coordinator for the Mayor’s LGBTQ+ Advisory Board. Brandon is the Associate Director of Admission & Coordinator of Transfer Admission at Rice University. 

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Does the Electoral College fairly represent the voters? Is it time to get rid of the last vestige of slavery in the U.S. Constitution? Dr. Paul Finkelman, legal scholar and historian, discusses the Electoral College, its history and if it should be eliminated.

Didn't make it to the meeting? Watch it now!

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