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Striving to Increase Women’s Political Awareness and Involvement by Educating and Empowering Women


BAAD Women works to:

  • Provide education about issues facing our society. 

  • Provide education about the political process.

  • Promote and advocate for women’s issues.

  • Encourage involvement in the political process.

  • Increase the number of women running for elective offices.

  • Increase the women’s vote in all elections and supporting selected candidates.

  • Increase women’s participation in community activities.


MAY 6, 5:00 PM

BAAD Women Virtual Happy Hour

MAY10, 7:00 PM

BAAD Women Progressive Book Club Meeting

APRIL 15, 6:30 PM

BAAD Women Meeting

It's time for a change. Too many of our public officials think they are above the law. We need someone who can restore integrity to public service in Texas. Someone who will use our legal system to fight for fairness and justice. And that’s Joe Jaworski, candidate for Texas Attorney General.
We're delighted to have Joe as our guest speaker Thursday, April 15. Come chat with Joe about Real Justice for Texas


Meet Joe Jaworski

at the BAAD Women Meeting

Thursday, April 15

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